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I Received Mail from Child Support Enforcement. What do I do?

Florida Department of Revenue handles Child Support Enforcement for the State of Florida. The Department of Revenue will normally start a Child Support Case because:

1. The mother or legal guardian requested child support services OR

2. The child is receiving benefits such as Medicaid or Food Stamps.

If you received a letter from the Department of Revenue, DO NOT IGNORE IT! Once you have acknowledged receipt of documents from them, the Department of Revenue can proceed with the case even if you do not participate! This may result in a child support amount being ordered that is incorrect due to wrong income amounts and you not getting credit for the support and time you are currently exercising.

You should also consult with an Attorney IMMEDIATELY! Do not wait until your job receives an Income Withholding Order and the child support is being garnished out of your check. At this point, it may be too late to address any arrears that have been ordered against you.

Hire a qualified child support lawyer to help you through this process. They will file the necessary paperwork for you and make sure to preserve all of your rights!


Lakeisha R. Simms, Attorney at Law is a law firm practicing primarily in the areas of family law, small business law, and wills & estate planning. We service clients in their businesses and in our offices located in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties.

This is intended for informational purposes and is not intended as legal advice or a substitute for hiring an attorney. Furthermore, by sharing this information, it is in no way intended to establish an attorney - client relationship with the reader.

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