Florida Department of Revenue handles Child Support Enforcement for the State of Florida. The Department of Revenue will normally start a Child Support Case because:

   1. The mother or legal guardian requested child support services OR

   2. The child is receiving...

"Custody" in Florida Courts is known as "timesharing". Timesharing can be established in a Paternity Case, if the parents are not married, or a Divorce case, if the parents are married. This article focuses on the Paternity action process.

In Florida, when the parents o...

This post answers some common questions about the dependency tax exemption, one of the most highly contested issues in Florida Family law cases.

The are many pros to filing a Paternity Case, such as consistency and enforcement help when the other parent does not follow through as ordered. The only real con is the cost of filing, but a professional family law attorney can help manage those costs.

Employers are tasked with the responsibility of knowing and complying with all applicable employment laws and the responsibility for their employee's bad acts. This post details some of the ways employers increase their risk of liability just by hiring their first...

The small business lawyers at the Law Offices of Lakeisha R. Simms can help businesses assess their level of litigation risk and create a risk management plan to help mitigate those risks.

The most common business structures for small businesses in Florida are sole proprietorship, partnerships, LLCs, and Corporations. The Law Offices of Lakeisha R. Simms can help new businesses decide the appropriate structure for their business.

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